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Photography as a tool to create inner visions,

not to describe reality but because I try to discover it, redefine it.

I get into spaces where allegory finds reflection.

Memory and territory are primary milestones in my work.

As far as I remember, I always have been attracted by the notions of paradox and the uncertainty.

I use photography, video and text as audiovisual content creator.

+34 650463630


             Studied Photography and Design in Granada and Almería, Southern Spain,                 and right after that, worked in Italy, as a photo-reporter.


     Then, Middle East, where found a job as an archaeological photographer. My training and working experiences were both meant to be based on photographic techniques, so the main ideas were all about objectivity, detachment and accuracy.


     Berlin was the city where everything turned into Guerrilla Photo, Artist´s Books and Urban Culture. A raw and straight approaching into the medium, with no fear about getting dirty or losing control.


     Then Granada and Lisbon, where I developed many refreshing and interesting ideas about the photobook and its culture. A vibrant platform for worldwide photographers to disseminate their work to a mass audience in a post-digital context.


     Last checkpoint was London, where my interest about mixed media and many other different formats was the key. An investigation beyond books and paperprints, a more complex researching, focused on relationships between photography, design and art in contemporary world.

Now I am back to Southern Spain. 

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