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Photobook Club Lisboa

Jun 2013, Cowork, Lx Factory, Lisboa, Portugal.

   The Photobook Club, founded in the UK in 2011 is a project created as a space for conversations around the photobook. The project has developed into an international network generating events, publications and critical discussions, bringing together a variety of voices connected with the photobook with those who are new to the format.

   According to Martin Parr, photographer and obsessive photobook collector, the photobook has been the ‘supreme platform’ for photographers to disseminate their work to a mass audience.

   The increase in self-publishing platforms, prizes for photobooks, and a growing body of collectors suggests that the form is more than alive.

    The philosophy of the Photobbok Club is to show that the photobook is a vibrant medium for open consideration, learning and enjoyment, and many different ways to be done.

   In addition, the photobook "HEXÁPODA" was introduced.

all pics by Susana Paiva and Arlindo Pinto.


May 2013. Teambox, Lx Factory, Lisboa, Portugal.

   Gathering training and dissemination in the area of the photographic image, the cycle mains idea is to equate the possibilities of existing photography, and their impact in an era where images proliferate.

  Presentation of a Photographic project, methods and organization of a photographic project.

(Open Masterclass).

all pics by Teambox Studio.

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