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The Art of Noise.

Every manifestation of life is accompanied by noise. Noise is thus familiar to our ear and has the power of immediately recalling life itself.

Sound, estranged from life, always musical, something in itself, an occasional not a necessary element, has become for our ear what for the eye is a too familiar sight.

Noise instead, arriving confused and irregular from the confusion of life, is never revealed to us entirely and always holds innumerable surprises.

We are certain, then, that by selecting, coordinating, and controlling the noises, we will enrich mankind with a new and unsuspected pleasure of the senses.

Although the characteristic of noise is that of reminding us brutally of life, the Art of Noises should not limit itself to an imitative reproduction. It will achieve its greatest emotional power in acoustical enjoyment itself, with the inspiration of the artist will know how to draw from the combining noises.

Luigi Russolo.

The Art of Noise

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